CIPS Toronto – Discussion on Work-Life Balance

I just returned from my first CIPS Toronto event. After being a member for just under a year, I finally found a meeting time that fit in with my schedule. Since I’m back at RBC for another summer term, it also put me much closer to the location: the Groundhog Pub.

Upon arriving at the basement room, I found only a handful of people sitting around a table chatting. I was greeted by Cameron McKay (the president of CIPS Toronto) and Jeff Knetchel. I also remember Adam Cole being there, but I did not remember everyone else’s name. I was the only student there and, by far, the youngest.

Cameron had brought along a large microphone to record the talk in hopes of turning it into a podcast. It started as a roundtable discussion where Cameron would ask a question and then go around the table asking the other people (around 10 at this point) what their thoughts or experiences were. I tried to contribute a few times, but I think I only really spoke at any length maybe three times. I asked a question of the others since they all seemed fairly successful and it was very enlightening to hear their experiences and advice on how to manage the balance in our lives. Hopefully the podcast is put up on the CIPS Toronto website.

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