Discounted Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for Canadian Students Now Available

Microsoft has really opened up to students in recent years, offering their flagship products at a dramatic price reduction. Most MSDN software is even free, including their Visual Studio line of products. Anyways, I’m here to say that Microsoft has already added Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (Wikipedia comparison of editions) to their student discount program.

Windows 7 Professional Upgrade Canadian Student Pricing

At, the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade is listed at $39.99 (in Canadian dollars)! Granted, that’s only for the digital download but you can have them ship you the official DVD for $13 (includes shipping and you don’t even pay tax).

To order your copy, visit or through Microsoft’s longer URL:

Since this is an Upgrade, you will most likely have to have an existing genuine license for another Windows product (Windows XP and Vista only). There was a loophole with Windows Vista Upgrades where you would not need to enter in your existing key, but that they may be fixed in this new version. If in doubt, do a search for more information.

Enjoy the next step of PC evolution; thumbs up and thanks Microsoft.

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