Upgrading the X10 to Android 2.1 on Rogers Wireless

After much waiting, Rogers Wireless has finally pushed the upgrade for Android 2.1 out to its Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phones. I noticed the update available last night but only had time to upgrade this morning. But I ran into a problem: it asked that I use the Sony Ericsson PC Companion software to upgrade, but I kept on getting an error.

Installation Error message given from PC Companion software

Installation Error message given from PC Companion software: "Unable to install or start phone software update components."

Initially, I thought I would have to restart my computer since I downloaded a new version of PC Companion when I plugged in the X10 phone. I know that those phone helper applications tend to install drivers that should prompt your computer to restart so they could be registered, but not so with this update. So I tried three times under different conditions–phone on, computer restarted, phone off–but same error message: Unable to install or start phone software update components. Looking back, I should have tried re-running PC Companion under an administrator account and seen if that worked. Unfortunately, Sony Ericsson does not pay me to do QA work for them.

My Solution

I remembered reading in the manual that there was something called Update Service. It’s another application from Sony Ericsson, but one that is dedicating to updating phone software. I gave it a download and this time it worked! You can download it here: http://www.sonyericsson.com/cws/support/softwaredownloads/detailed/updateservice/xperiax10

Whenever you run Update Service on Windows Vista or above, it requests administrator access. It also prompts you to turn off your phone and connect it in a special way. But the installation of the update went very smoothly using this tool. Screenshots below.

Sony Ericsson Update Service software - Downloading the Update

Sony Ericsson Update Service software - Downloading the Update

Sony Ericsson Update Service software - Installing the Update

Sony Ericsson Update Service software - Installing the Update

After this update these were the version numbers on my X10a:

Firmware version - 2.1-update1
Baseband version - 2.0.46
Kernel version - 2.6.29 [SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1]
Build number - 2.0.A.0.504
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11 Responses to Upgrading the X10 to Android 2.1 on Rogers Wireless

  1. jake says:

    Thank you very much.. It worked!

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks Tiago, yes it worked for me too. Same error in PC Companion. I’m sure we’re not alone on this one. Just an update of your thread, I have XP Pro SP3. Not sure it’s network related (mobile service) or even an conflicting administration thing with PC Companion and the OS but would like it if SE can give us an update on the reason! Very angry that SE don’t have this problem in Q&A support because I’m sure this just didn’t happen to three of us. Your thread with this issue was first in a google search. Thank you again for posting and hopefully SE can get their act together! :o)

    P.S – I hear that SE repair centres are cashing in on this upgrade for unlocked network X10 customers! Hmmmmm

  3. Those are good points Matt. I think the fact that SE has two different phone update applications is bad for customer service. But like any big company, I’m sure that sometimes their left hand doesn’t know what their right hand is doing. Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy the new update!

  4. cess chapa says:

    Love u like lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, It solved my problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. slatts says:

    You are a genius. Thanks so much

  6. BlueFlame says:

    Thank you! PC companion seems to need some serious work. Finally found this solution.

  7. Catriona says:

    Hi Guys, I finally thought I’d found a solution to my upgrade problems but unfortunately after loading up the update service and going through all the steps. I still get the same error message. Any other possible solutions from a very frustrated SE customer ??????????

  8. What wireless company are you with? Perhaps for your carrier the update isn’t ready yet.

  9. Lucas says:

    worked for me, thanks

  10. sunil says:

    Very useful.. Thanks…………..:)

  11. francisco says:

    Thanks…. =)

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